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Mondays: Guest Bloggers

We cannot seem to hang onto our Monday bloggers. Until such time as we can get another full-time replacement, Mondays will consist of guest posts from fans, friends of the blog, and folks who like to write but don't think they can keep to a "one article a week" schedule.
Tuesdays: Lokidude

Lokidude is our Rural Prepper. He is an Eagle Scout, outdoorsman, hunter and gun enthusiast. His posts will focus on preparedness from the perspective of a "poor country boy":  hunting, fishing, the processing of game meat, etc. He's also a professional electrician and former EMT, and will occasionally post in that capacity

Wednesdays: David

David Blackard is our Urban Prepper. With a background in residential construction and power tool sales, he is a repair guy on a budget with his focus always on supporting his family in a crisis.

Stuck in urbanized California, under constant threat of the Big One, David will talk about earthquake & dry weather disaster preparedness, and how best to prep in areas of high population density.

Thursdays: Chaplain Tim

Chaplain Tim is our Spiritual Prepper. Tim is an ordained minister that has accepted the task of tending to the care of his tribe members' body, mind, spirit and soul. His posts will take a non-denominational approach to the moral and philosophical approach to prepping. He also has 20 years experience with water management, and so speaks with authority about filtration and purification.

Not actually Erin.
Picture by KJ Photography
& is used with permission. 
Fridays: Erin

Erin Palette is our Gear and Miscellaneous Prepper.  Actually the least skilled out of all the folks here, her main strengths lie in getting people to give her things and writing in a fun, whimsical way. She lives in Florida, where hurricanes, tornadoes/waterspouts, and forest fires are common, and so she places an emphasis on mobility.

She will talk about and review products from the perspective of  "I don't really know what I'm doing, but since most camping/survival gear is designed for enthusiasts, if I can get it to work then it will definitely work for you."

Bloggers Emeritus

Evelyn Hively is our Domestic Prepper. She has been prepping since she was little, learning at her mother's side how to preserve food, work a garden, and stretch a budget. What she is best at, though, is turning any spot into a home. In SHTF, being able to keep where you're bunking up from feeling like a prison will be crucial for morale.

Her posts will address "apocalypse homemaking" as well as the problems unique to women in a disaster scenario.

Evelyn retired from full-time blogging in November 2014, but will still write the occasional guest article.

After the Storm by OkieRhio,
acrylic on canvas covered board

OkieRhio is our Low-Tech Skills Prepper. An avid medievalist and reenactor, her skills are less "What to do in an emergency" and more "What you need to know to rebuild civilization after SHTF." The various crafting skills that she's learned over the course of nearly 30 years as a medievalist range from soap making and brewing to the basics of metalwork and leather crafting.

OkieRhio returned from blogging in spring of 2015 due to recurring health problems from Lupus. 

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