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BOB: Bug Out Bag. A portable kit meant to sustain an individual for at least 72 hours in the event of a crisis that requires evacuation or results in a grid-down scenario. The focus of a BOB is mobility; any long-term kit is properly called a survival kit, aka I'm Not Coming Home (INCH).

BOV:  Bug out Vehicle. What you plan to ride or drive to your bug out location. Can also be used to describe any vehicle that is properly equipped to handle a disaster.

Bugging Out:  Leaving your current position (usually your home) and moving to a safer location (hopefully one that is off the beaten track and stocked with supplies).

Bugging In:  Staying in your current position (usually your home) until either the disaster has passed, or it is safe to evacuate. Also known as Shelter In Place.
Cache:  A stash of supplies. Usually hidden and protected against the environment.

CYA:  Cover Your Ass(ets).

DEEP:  Disaster & Emergency Preparedness.

DLP:  Defense of Life and Property

Doomstead: Combination of the words "Doomsday" and "Homestead." Usually means a survival retreat (bug-out location) of some kind.

EDC:  Every Day Carry. The things you keep on you every day. See Erin's EDC post.

EMP:  An electromagnetic pulse, generated either by a solar flare of sufficient size or an atmospheric (airburst) nuclear explosion, that will disable/destroy electronics. See the Wikipedia entry for more information. 

FAK:  First-Aid Kit. Sometimes spelled IFAK, with I standing for "infantry" or "individual". 

Faraday Cage:  A metallic enclosure that protects electronics from an EMP. See David's article on how to construct one on the cheap. \

Food Insurance:  A prepper's stash of food, at least a month's worth for each person. So called because it's like having insurance against malnutrition or starvation. 

FUD:  Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Three things to minimize in yourself and maximize in anyone working against you.

Genny:  Slang term for a generator.

GHB:  Get Home Bag. What you use to get from one location (usually work) to your supplies in a crisis situation, it's more complete than an EDC kit but less robust than a BOB. See Erin's bag post.

GOOD:  Get Out of Dodge. Alternately, Get Out Or Die.

Golden Horde:  Derogatory term for the mass of refugees fleeing a city in the wake of a disaster. Named after the Mongol Armies of the 13th century because it is expected this group of people will ravage the countryside in a similar manner looking for means to feed and clothe themselves.

Ham:   A slang term for amateur radio operators.

INCH:  I'm Not Coming Home. An INCH bag is more long-term than a BOB.

JIC:  Just In Case.

KISS:  Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Off the Grid:  Living self-sufficiently and without electrical, gas, sewage or water hookups. Can also be used to describe living without leaving a credit trail (which requires the former).

OODA:  Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. A system of steps to use for any opertaion. See OODA via wikipedia.

OPSEC:  Operational Security. Protecting yourself and your family by not letting everyone else know the extent of your preps, or that you're a prepper in the first place. (If people know you have spare food, they will come looking for a handout during a crisis).

PFM: Poo Flinging Monkey. A normal internet troll who can't cite facts, but wants to argue anyway.

PSH:  Pants Shitting Hysteria. The normal reaction of the press whenever guns are mentioned.

Rule of Threes: In any extreme situation you cannot survive for more than
  • 3 minutes without air
  • 3 hours without shelter
  • 3 days without water
  • 3 weeks without food.

SHTF:   Shit (or Stuff) Hits the Fan. A general term for any major crisis. Also see TEOTWAWKI, below.

SIP:  Shelter In Place.  See Bug In, above.

TEOTWAWKI:   The End Of The World As We Know It. Also see SHTF, above.

WROL:  Without Rule Of Law. Another term for complete anarchy. WROL does not specifically require TEOTWAWKI to occur, but definitely is a result of SHTF.  

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