About BCP

BCP is about prepping on a budget, and educating others on how they can be prepared without breaking the bank.

Blue Collar Prepping is a website for people who want to be prepared for emergencies and disasters, but are disgusted by the prevailing attitude of "To have sufficient preps, you must first have a successful business which allows you sink hundreds of thousands of dollars into a reinforced bunker, an armored bug-out vehicle, and enough food and arms to equip a platoon for a year."

It is our belief that, while having all these things are good, holding them up to be the gold standard of prepping (rather than as a nearly-unattainable ideal) leads to unrealistic expectations on the part of the prepper. Inability to achieve these goals can often result in a sense of failure, which lead to thoughts of "Why bother prepping if I can't do it properly?", and the eventual cessation of prepping as people spend the time and money on things or activities which are more rewarding in the short term.

We feel that not enough prepping sites focus on the "working poor" aspect of prepping. Just because we cannot prep to the standards of James Wesley Rawles doesn't mean that we aren't preppers; we just need to approach things incrementally, with financial shrewdness (some might say "stinginess") and with a view to meeting realistic goals. To mangle a quote from Portal, We do what we can, because we must.

This blog was created to address that problem. We all have different skills and approaches to prepping (and indeed, to life itself). It is our sincere hope that this "stone soup" style of blogging will become greater than the sum of its parts and, through all of our efforts, will create something useful and beautiful. After all, one of the core tenets of prepping is to create a community, because all of us are stronger and smarter than one of us.

So grab a beer, pull up a chair, and join us as we make fun of NatGeo's Doomsday Preppers. Welcome to Blue Collar Prepping.

Prepping is about facing the realities of survival. Unfortunately, survival isn't pretty. It is often painful and bloody, and sometimes terrible choices must be made.

Because we face reality, our posts will sometimes touch on the uncomfortable side of prepping. This includes addressing topics which many may consider "adult" or distasteful.

If anything we post here causes offense, we apologize for causing emotional distress -- but we won't take it down. If what we say bothers you that much, the solution is simple:  don't read something that distresses you.

Consider this your "trigger warning" page, and act accordingly.

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