Monday, March 3, 2014

Security: What others in the Prepper community have to say.

Given the dozens of prepper sites, security is a topic that gets covered by many very knowledgeable people from almost every angle that could be thought of. Some of them are full of it, and others have real life experience to back up what they say. I'll be sharing links from the latter group that have influenced me and my preps.

One of my personal favorites is GrayWolf Survival. GrayWolf has had some interesting adventures as a member of the United States Armed Forces, so he knows his stuff. He is one of the preppers that I can stand reading, but that may be due to the fact he talks in a way that I can understand (due to having numerous friends of prior military service). There's no horse hockey with "buzzwords" and "all the cool lingo". He gives it straight and the materials are quick to grasp. There is an entire category about security at his site: Opsec in Prepping.

Another that knows what he's talking about is "Selco" over at SHTF School. This chap is a survivor of the Yugoslav Wars. English is not his first language, but he gets his points across with the help of "Jay", the person who set up the site. If you haven't heard of this one before or haven't spent a lot of time on the site, I highly recommend the investment of time. They have two articles of note that are the topic we are discussing at hand: Home Security and Suburban Security.

Now this next article was shared with us in the BCP Facebook group. I have to admit to almost dying laughing when I saw the date (02/12/14) on it.  It would seem I have tapped into a concern that a few prepper folks are finding bothersome...  frankly, you should be bothered by it, because all those prepper shows have highlighted some seriously messed up people, whose only plan is to kill you and steal your stuff.  Bio Prepper is the name of the website, and this timely article is called What Happens when the Bad Guys are your street?

While this concludes my series on security, there will be more articles on this blog about this subject in the future, including a re-visit by me as I gain more experience on the topics covered in Part 3.  Among other topics covered will be How to involve the kids and The safest ways possible to keep babies from giving away your position.

Next week: I'll be doing a few recipes that you can make from your preps that are quick, easy and actually taste good!

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