Tuesday, April 8, 2014

First Aid Kit Phase 2: $50

Last week, we covered the initial phase of first aid kit building.

This week, we'll build on that foundation, expanding to a $50 level.  The $50 kit adds quite a bit of versatility and functionality over the previous kit.

Starting where we left off, let's add our two nice-to's, the first aid scissors and the rolled gauze.  (I changed the gauze to a more economical brand, but they're both quality product and perform the same function.)  This brings our total up to $33.81.

Triangular Bandage:  I'm old-school.  I love triangular bandages.  They're versatile and stupid cheap, and have virtually limitless uses.  $1.84

SAM Splint:  Light, inexpensive, and very easy to use.  They work rather well for splinting injured extremities.  Combined with a triangular bandage, there's not many injuries that cannot be supported and immobilized. $6.23.

Eye Wash solution:  Excellent for flushing debris from eyes (honestly one of the more painful and frightening "injuries" I've had).  By buying the big bottle, you also have a handy pint of sterile solution for flushing wounds before bandaging.  $7.05

We'll stop there for today.  That puts our total at 48.93.  Take that extra $1.07 and buy the allergy reliever of your choice as this kit's nice-to.  Much like ibuprofen, I reach for the benadryl knockoff in my kit on a weekly basis.

One of the commenters last week mentioned getting training.  By all means, do!  I've tried to limit the supplies in these kits to things that don't require specialized training, but having training allows other uses for these, and the skills to use some more advanced gear.

Please, comment and critique!


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