Monday, June 30, 2014

A glimpse into my world

Do you remember the article Lokidude wrote about the car maintenance and such?  Well, I'm here to admit... I was the one who inspired that article.  So here's what happened....

I had the pleasure of being able to travel alongside my partner on a work trip back in May.  Our car has a small oil leak somewhere (where, we've yet to determine, and even the mechanics are wondering "Where is that damn leak!?") but on this fateful trip, the timing chain decided that it was time to go... while we were over 100 miles from home and another 75 from our destination.  

Event #1

We had stopped for dinner, and after leaving the place made it a couple of miles before the car just suddenly died. We managed to have enough momentum for partner to guide the car into the parking lot of a Pep Boys that had a full service auto. (Thank the Gods for small pieces of silver.) The car would turn over (crank) but wouldn't start. We got things lined up to get it fixed after calling in a few favors with friends.

Applicable Lessons:
  • Always be in good standing with your friends. 
  • Never leave home without an emergency car repair fund.

Event #2

Later the next day, much to my horror and disgust, I found that my disposable pad did not react well with my body's sweat. It was starting to break down, I was developing a rash down my thighs, and I suspect I was developing a low grade fever. I suspect this because I normally do quite well in the heat; I've been known to carry a sweatshirt with me in the summer time because of how badly I freeze in some places that like cranking up the AC. The day's temperature hadn't even begun to rise and I wasn't feeling well - I was light headed and developing a rash, and even my partner could see I wasn't doing well. So while we waited for the car to get repaired, we found a well air-conditioned Starbucks and I hit the restroom.

I had started making re-usable cotton crochet pads just the day before all this hit, and it was a good thing that I did. I switched out the disposables for the crocheted ones and three hours later, I was already much improved: The rash was gone and my temperature tolerance was back where it should be. Consider me converted for most part. (And yikes! I know what's in disposable pads, but sheesh!)

  • Pay attention to warning signals from your body. 


As I mentioned earlier, the car needed its timing chain replaced. While they were at it, the mechanics replaced the water pump as well -  it was just as old and worn-out and might have gone out at some future date, and getting to it takes the same amount of work to get to as the timing chain. Replacing it while the mechanics were already in there was a logical move, and by replacing them at the same time we managed to save ourselves over $500 in labor.

As for the pads, test show they work well even with heavy periods, though I still use the disposables at night. We won't go into that part into detail... just trust me when I say the re-usable pads need to be perfected before I use them at night.

And that is a glimpse into my world. Yes, hectic and nerve-wrecking "adventures" like this are common in my life. Go figure eh? =)

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