Monday, November 14, 2016

Apocabox Unboxing #14 (October 2016)

Not actually Erin.
& is used with permission.
I don't know why the video is choppy. But given that Creek didn't seem to give a damn about the quality of this Apocabox, I decided not to give a damn about the quality of the video. It's fitting, really.

What was Creek thinking?

Was he thinking?

Watch the video and tell me if you think I'm being too harsh.

I especially want feedback on the Book of Lists. I think it's creepy, but perhaps I'm being too harsh.

EDIT: I just checked the Apocabox Shop and all the items in the October box are there for sale. So let's do a value breakdown:
  • Hideaway Tarpaulin: $19.99 ("on sale" from $29.99)
  • Nomad Pocket Knife: $10.50 (marked down from $12.99)
  • Frontier Water Filter: $12.95 ($1 more than Amazon)
  • Survivor's Book of Lists: $4.99
  • Beaded Butcher Blend: $3.00 
  • Nomad Hard Use Resin: $3.00
  • Magic Punky Dust: $3.00
  • Nomad Solar Lens: $6.99 (marked down from 9.99)
Using the markdown prices, this comes to $64.42, which is just $4.42 over the cost of the box + S&H. Not a ripoff, but since previous boxes have averaged about $100 worth of items, we definitely didn't get the same value for our dollar.

Using the full prices (which are rather hard to swallow -- who would pay $30 for a poncho?), it's $79.91. We might have had one Apocabox with stuff totaling in the low $80 range, but I don't recall which.

Verdict: People are right to feel disappointed with this box, because it's a clear step down in both quality and usefulness. 

You know what would have redeemed this box? Replace the Aquamira with a Sawyer Mini, the glass lens with a card-sized fresnel lens and the book & Butcher blend with an Esbit pocket stove.

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