Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Prudent Prepping: No One Is Safe

The dust has settled and the First 72 Hours have passed. Follow along as I build a long term plan via Prudent Prepping. 

I've made fun of my friends and others who live in tornado alley or hurricane-threatened areas, saying "Yeah, here in California, we can't sit on our porch and see an earthquake coming! We can't run for the basement or pack the car and leave the state!"

Since Sunday night, I've been reminded of exactly how much things can come back to bite oneself, repeatedly.

The Latest California Disaster: Fire
Coffey Park before the fire.

Everyone knows about California's habit of having large portions of our forests burn, but a fire hasn't destroyed portions of a major city since 1992; now in Napa and Sonoma Counties there have been several severely damaged. What's more, several people may have died due to not having a cell phone to receive Emergency Alert messages after telephone land lines were destroyed by fire.

Based on the news tonight, all of the fires are virtually out of control and will continue to burn portions of Santa Rosa proper and the surrounding hills, wineries and smaller towns.

Coffey Park, late Monday.

What Next?
Since every area of the world has the potential of being hit by some sort of emergency, the only option is to be prepared, always. Even though my weekly commute has been reduced by half, I've added extra water and food to my car, because I may have to be away from home longer than planned or help others who might be trapped away from home.

Everyone has posted tips on Bugging Out packs like Erin has done recently. The Discerning Shootist has a series talking about Bugging In, which he started right here. In fact, since all of us have written at least one post on Getting Out Of Dodge, there are too many to list here! This means the topic can be searched in the blog quite easily.

If you've been paying attention to the news and your regular gear is already set, then you may have time to grab originals of your important papers, some heirlooms and whatever else you think you can't live without, since you may only have what you are taking with you if your house burns. If you do get evacuation orders, follow them! Don't be a hero and try to beat Mother Nature.

The Recap
  • Plan ahead. Don't get caught short like a man I heard interviewed on the radio this afternoon. He got out with only his slippers, pajamas and bathrobe!
  • Don't be smug and think major disasters can't hit you, no matter where you may live.

The Takeaway
  • Nothing was added to my preps this week, other than copies of some new personal papers. 

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