Monday, April 16, 2018

Hot Sauce as an EDC Item

I fully expect some of you to laugh, but I am going to make the argument for the every-day carry of hot sauce.

Why Carry Hot Sauce?
This may not be as much of an issue for you as it is for me, but I end up using hot sauce a lot when I travel, and it really comes down to two main reasons (morale and diplomacy), but there are others worth noting.

Eating bland food can be a chore, and in an SHTF situation you can expect to eat whatever is on hand. Having eaten nothing but rice and beans when that was all that was packed on a Boy Scout campout (they forgot the main dish), I can testify that having hot sauce on hand can save the culinary day.

In other words, "being able to share". In my scout camp example, someone else had sauce on hand and instantly became the most popular person in the troop for that campout. I have, more than once, made a new friend by being willing to share the sriracha that I brought when the only food-like product was something bland and tasteless. (I say "food-like" because I'm not sure what it actually was.)

Imagine always having seasoning that you can guarantee has no corn/ gluten/ soy/ etc. in it, and not being forced to eat whatever is at hand with no other recourse for flavor.

You always have whatever hot sauce you enjoy using. Prefer your sauce hot enough to cut through plate steel? Really like that chili lime and garlic hot sauce that everyone else thinks is just plain weird? Want yours extra mild (or not spicy at all)? Any way you spin it, you'll always have flavoring on hand that you like and can stand.

As a second added bonus, in a real disaster you can introduce your friends to whatever seasoning you like, and if you are the only one with seasonings, they will probably pick yours.

How to EDC Hot Sauce
I am a fan of the keychain bottle method. This version is small enough to be TSA friendly, allowing those of us who travel far to often to achieve victory over bland airport food, as well as airplane food on the rare occasion that we get fed midair.

I keep three of these attached to my backpack via carabiner. When necessary, I unclip one and apply sauce as needed. I have never had one leak while I was traveling, but I did have a toddler decide that hot sauce was the best thing ever and decided to chew off the lid. (The child was fine, and his parents were more amused than anything, so no harm was done.)

Some people prefer the classic mini bottle. This one is less TSA friendly, but I do know at least two people who carry them around and whip out their custom home-grown, home-made ghost pepper sauce whenever they are in hunting range of a taco truck. (Remember what I said about cutting through plate steel? I am not sure that it is an exaggeration when it comes to these guys). I don’t like glass bottles, but if your seasoning of choice tends to melt the plastic it gets stored in, this may be the best option for you.

Good luck, and don’t forget to practice.

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