Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Pocket Ref Preview

We're taking a break from electrical work this week, mostly because another project has superseded working on the house. In lieu of that, let's take a look at something cool that I was reminded of by a couple other members of the staff: a book called The Pocket Ref. With a name like that, it sounds like something the NFL could have used a few years back, but in reality it's far less humorous and far more useful.


The Pocket Ref is a handy reference for all things math, conversion, and general knowledge. I've handled them in the past, but never owned one. I had honestly forgotten about it until it came up in a discussion among the BCP staff.

I can attest that they're worth having in any prepper's library, especially when the paperback is under $13. The question posed, however, is whether it is worth packing into a BOB or other prepper bag. Is the knowledge within useful on the road or in the woods, and is it worth the weight and space it contains, in contrast to other books?

I've ordered my copy, and highly recommend it for any library, whether or not it's worth toting with you. As soon as mine gets here, I'll break down the kind of material it covers and we can start determining it's value as a mobile resource.

If you're the kind who hits the reference materials frequently, or are just a bibliophile with a bit of extra green, there's also a hardcover available for $35, which is pretty reasonable given the contents. A bit of Google-fu also shows some .pdf copies of the book, but I have no clue about accuracy, completeness, or legitimacy, as I've not found them on my usual digital copy sources.

Order your copy and we'll start a Pocket Ref Book Club!


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