Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Prudent Prepping: A Day Late ...

The dust has settled and the First 72 Hours have passed. Follow along as I build a long term plan via Prudent Prepping. 

I find the strangest things when I go through Big Box stores: copper baking sheets, Keurig coffee machines, and 4' tall stuffed animals are just the start. In all that mix I somehow missed a practical item hidden in the middle of it all!

Phos-Check Wildfire Home Defense
If it's not obvious why I titled this post "A Day Late", it started raining last week. I would have liked to see, and maybe had someone give, an actual real-world test of the product's ease of application. (I hope I never need to see if it really works.)

The website for Phos-Check Wildfire Home Defense is well laid-out, and easy to get to all the necessary pages.

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Here are excerpts from their FAQ page:

From the webpage:

PHOS-CHEK HOME WILDFIRE DEFENSE is applied as a liquid and works wet or dry. Once the retardant is properly applied to the fuels it will remain effective until washed off by water. The retardant is effective on any cellulose fuel (vegetation, wood, etc.) and works by changing the chemical decomposition process when the treated fuel comes in contact with an active flame. The surface of the treated fuel is turned into a non-flammable carbon which will not carry flame, keeping the fire from spreading to the next fuel source and slowing and/or stopping the fire spread.

This is a product that several local friends would have looked at very seriously this past summer and fall, even though we here were on the very southern edges of the actual fire zones. Once it is advertised correctly, I believe it will be a product that the Big Box stores will move by the case. Since it can be applied to small areas with easily used sprayers, I see no reason for average people to not use it around suburban fence lines or open areas between houses.

Please look at all the information there and if you can't use it, tell those you know who live in a high fire area to check it out.

Recap and Takeaway
  • Nothing was purchased this week, and it is unlikely I will be buying any prepping gear for the balance of December.
  • I find the idea behind PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE very interesting as an environmentally friendly way to protect your property.
  • Phos-Chek can be ordered from Amazon for $44.98 with Prime, or found in (my area) Home Depot stores for the same price.
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