Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Prudent Prepping: Bagging It

The dust has settled and the First 72 Hours have passed. Follow along as I build a long term plan via Prudent Prepping.

As mentioned by our esteemed founder and Editrix Extraordinaire in her bottle bag blog post, we have been challenged to fill a bottle carrier with useful items. This means that I need to have a bottle carrier. Here is what I ordered.

Procase Water Bottle Pouch
Bottle for demonstration only. Not included with the bag.

From the Amazon ad:
  • Water bottle holder size: 11"×4"; Practical size, exclusively designed for storing your water bottle, water bladder, DJI Mavic Pro device and its batteries or other gears
  • Accessory bag size: 6"×1.6", zippered accessory pouch on the front for more stuff, like cell phone, keys, wallet or map; Built with quality two-way zippers, easy to open and close the pouch
  • Material: made from 900D Oxford fabric, durable and water-repellent; Keeping your water bottle and other supplies well protected and providing long-term durability in outdoor environment
  • Molle webbing throughout the pouch allows users to attach extra accessories and Molle gear to the bag firmly; Hook-and-loop for attaching personal tags according to one's liking
  • Comes with a comfortable detachable shoulder strap, easy to carry around; Or you could remove the strap easily and hang the pouch in your backpack with two buckles on the back
There is a slightly different version of this bottle carrier available, which uses draw-strings to close up (or at least wrap around) the bottle top. I chose the enclosed version, since this bag could get banged and bumped around, even when stored empty, let alone full of water. I'm excited to get started on figuring out what my contents might be. Stay tuned!

(Editrix's Note: David bought a more expensive version of the carrier. I don't know why. The one I linked is here.)

Christmas Close-outs
Your local Home Depot may or may not have Christmas leftovers around. If they do, look for this deal: Plano Large ABS Case with Handle in Orange

My picture. The Depot ad sucks!

This is a Plano Model #PLA1460HD and it appears to be a Home Depot special, since I can't find the exact item listed on Amazon. If you embiggen the picture you can see that this model has a foam liner pre-cut for picking out custom shapes to better protect your electronic bits. The last store I was in had three at a markdown price of $11.99, while normally you special order these for $13.99. I did not buy any, since I do not have smallish electronics to protect at the moment.

Recap and Takeaway


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  1. I wanted a black version of Erin's but it would not be available until late February


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