Wednesday, June 15, 2022

A Stealthy Sling Bag

The dust has settled and the First 72 Hours have passed. Follow along as I build a long term plan via Prudent Prepping.

I've used several different sling bags with no real problems, except they all look tacti-cool with webbing and MOLLE loops everywhere. I've wanted something much more inconspicuous on the outside, without losing any internal functionality. I found that bag in the Maxpedition Entity Crossbody Bag (Small) 9L. I strongly recommend looking through the pictures and the video on the linked page, as my picture taking ability isn't great.

Entity Product Features
  • YKK® Zippers with Positive Grip Pulls
  • CCW Compartment with Security Lockout Strip
  • 500D N/P Hybrid Heathered  Fabric with Polyurethane Coating
  • Tuckable Magnetic Wings for Quick Closure
  • Reinforced MOLLE/PALS Attachment Points
  • Custom Fabricated Shapeshift™ Webbing
  • Detachable & Concealable Drawbridge Straps
  • Refined Construction with Elegant Inlays
  • Duraflex® Xlite® Buckles 
  • Fray-Resistant Gossamer™ Mesh
  • 420D Nylon Liner Embossed with Anti-Counterfeit Logos
  • Very Visible Grayscale Interior
  • Skin Friendly Nylon Seatbelt Webbing

the small (9L) Entity bag

This is definitely a smaller bag than the Maxpedition bag I'm using now, and I'm okay with that; the other one isn't going anywhere and can be swapped in and out easily. The width is very similar between the two but the depth is much smaller.

Front View

The black bag is a 5.11 that I have written about several times, but
this post explains what it is and does well. I will miss the YETI Tactical Bottle opener, the extra pockets inside the main compartment, and the smaller 'Office' pocket. 

As with most things I do, my tendency is to overload and carry too much for the situation I'm in. That's not to say I don't have the necessities packed, but Mission Creep is a problem, so having a slimmer option for most days is good for me. I believe I can make this work and do everything needed, in a smaller, lighter and less-conspicuous bag.

Edge view
I just received this bag and the "What Goes Where" fiddling is ongoing, so I will post a Progress Report soon. Right now, I have moved the pens, pencil and note book over, along with the First Aid gear. 

One little thing I think is cool and I will use is the water bottle pocket. It zips open when needed and has an elastic loop set up to slip over the bottle the keep it from falling out if you lean over or do something strenuous. It will only hold 16oz/0.5L bottles, however, so if you like to pack a Nalgene you are out of luck.

Now, if you looked at the price, the Entity line is seriously expensive, and way too expensive for me. What made this purchase easier was that I had gift cards just sitting around with more money on them than I remembered, so they went here. The other part of the deal is the "Ash" color version is on sale with a 40% discount and is Closeout, Final Sale, No Return.  

Recap and Takeaway
  • This is an extremely expensive bag at retail price, and if you can find a size you like in the Closeout listing and the price doesn't make your nose bleed, have a go!
  • The bag is everything I've looked for over the past 5-6 years: no tacti-cool straps or details while maintaining the ability to hold everything the average person might want to carry.
  • Purchased directly from Maxpedition: one Entity bag, size small at Closeout, No Return, 40% off retail price for $91.79.
* * *

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