Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"How do I convince my girlfriend I'm not crazy?"

That was the gist of a message I received over the weekend.  A buddy of mine (a right proper redneck) was trying to explain to his girlfriend (a delightful woman, but far more "city" than he) why he preps, and why he has learned the skills he has, and continues to seek out new skills.  That, in conjunction with Erin's question on the BCP Facebook group (you're not a member?  Why not?) about "What we prep for," made this seem rather timely.

First off, as a "Don't," unless your significant other has a pretty solid sense of humor, don't reply with "Zombies" when you're asked why you prep.  It's a great answer, if you can follow it with the truism that "If you're prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse, a hurricane is just a storm" with a straight and honest delivery.  Otherwise, you just look as nuts as she thinks you already are.

As to the "Do," first, ask what their concerns are with your prep work.  When you know why they're concerned, it's far easier to address it.

As a general direction, explain the "why" of what you do, calmly and without any evangelism.  If your preps surround natural disasters, especially ones common to your area, remind them of that, and point out how useful these things are when the disaster hits.  If you're already prepared for hurricanes in Florida, or tornadoes in Oklahoma, or heavy snows, sub-freezing temperatures, and lack of power in northern latitudes, it's far easier to handle when those things inevitably arrive.

If you prep for other things, explain those as well.  In my industry, layoffs and work slowdowns are a very real thing.  My wife and I discussed this reality, and have some preps laid in to cover that eventuality.  Thankfully, I haven't been out of work in almost a year, and not extended out of work in over two, but it's still out there.

You can also involve your other half in your preps.  Find out what their concerns are, and prep towards those as well.  Go over the preps for your concerns with them.  You'd be surprised what a second set of eyes sees, and a different way of thinking comes up with.

If they're concerned about the budget, and what this is all costing, well, that's why you're here, right?  And why you should direct them here.  Right after you sit down and have a conversation about the budget, and what and where your prep money is coming from and going to.

We managed to show my friend's girlfriend that he's not crazy (at least, not with regards to this) by doing exactly this.  He explained his concerns to her, relating them to her lifestyle and some of her concerns, showed her that the costs in both time and money were quite minimal, and managed to score points by showing her she was important to him in the process.

A new prepper is born, and better relationships through prepping!  A win all around.


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