Friday, February 14, 2014

Links for thought food.

I have a lot of sites that I read over and quite a few are the normal "ammo and bug out bag" type, but one of my favorite site is Homestead Survival.  Awesome site with DIY projects and even posts with free kindle titles.  And before you start moaning about not having a kindle, the kindle app for tablet and phone is FREE.

They throw articles all the time on things many of us may not have thought of yet.  Like these so-called emergency pre-prepared foods.  I can't have most if not any of those anyways due to food allergies (and yes, I'll be sharing info on my preps working around a grain, corn and dairy allergy with you guys.)

This article, 5 Food Storage Lies To Watch Out For, I'm sharing with you as food for thought.  You can't be too careful with your preps.

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