Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Prudent Prepping: Buffet Post! Storage Pails, Berkey Filters and More

The dust has settled and the First 72 Hours have passed. Now we concentrate  on what to do in, and how to plan for, the long term via Prudent Prepping.

October Buffet Post
Good News, Great News and Truly Baffling News

Great News

I ordered and got my food-grade pails! These have a spin-on lid with a locking lever that makes a positive 'click' when winding the lid down. I ordered from a company that I mentioned before,, near me in Sacramento CA. I try to spend money as locally as possible, and these nice folks are 90 miles away.

Here is a picture showing the pail and lid, with a full description here. I purchased 6 lid and pail combos. I am transitioning from a 25 and a 50 gallon tote to these pails and will soon be writing about the process in another post.

Features I like:
  • Positive locking lid with latch 
  • Multiple ridges in the lid for easy gripping during opening and closing the pail 
  • One piece lid -- everything is permanently attached 
  • U.S. made pail, to reduce the possibility of mis-labeled ingredients or contamination 

Baffling News

As I was looking over the Disasterstuff website for more items to order, I came across this nugget on the Customer Service page:
"Berkey water filters are available for sale in California only for use for pets and livestock. If you would like to order a Berkey water filter for California use, please complete the form below and return it to us after placing your order."
California Release Form 

So I checked further (hat tip to Chaplain Tim for the fast 'Net lookup!), and this is from the Berkey FAQ:
We live in the state of California, are we able to purchase a Berkey water filter system?
"California recently adopted AB 1953 / SB 1334 & 1395 / HSC Section 116875, commonly referred to as the "no lead law". Of course Berkey products do not contain lead, but under this measure until the state of California confirms this fact, Berkey is forced to suspend shipment of water purification systems to the state of California. This is a complex law and shipment will resume to California when we get clarification on how to proceed on obtaining a lead free certification as defined by the state of California. We ship to all other states with the exception of Iowa. If you are purchasing a Berkey system as a gift to be shipped to someone in another state, we accept payment from residents in all 50 states."
So, Ca and IA are the two states that prohibit the sale of an outstanding filter system for regulatory reasons, NOT lack of performance. I am embarrassed to say that I was born and raised here and have watched California change from a 'Can Do' state to a 'Do For Me' state.

Good News

Stopping in to see what was available in my local discount sporting goods store, I found this little gem: a CKRT Guppy and Eat'N Tool! I admit to being a bit of a sucker for combo packages (gimmicks or not), and this fits right in that spot. I can get an Eat'N Tool from Amazon for about $6 (inc. shipping) but the Guppy is a multitool with a knife, 2 Phillips screwdrivers, 2 slot screwdrivers, a small adjustable jaw wrench, a handy carabiner attachment AND a small LED light built into the bit holder block!

TRIGGER WARNING!!! Viewing the CRKT website may induce excessive spending!

I bought two.

Product recaps

  • Food storage pails: $10.98 each from A good company to deal with and I recommend them. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.
  • CRKT Combo Pack: Gimmicky, but I like them for the combo. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars also.
  • California's Crazy Regulations: I can't figure out how to list a less-than-zero star rating.

As always, if you have comments, suggestions or corrections, please post them so we all can learn. And remember, Some Is Always Better Than None!

NOTE: All items tested were purchased be me. No products have been loaned in exchange for a favorable review. Any items sent to me for T&E will be listed as such. Suck it Feds.

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