Friday, October 17, 2014

Apocabox #2 Unboxing

Not actually Erin.
Picture by KJ Photography
& is used with permission.
This is my second video ever.  Lots of people commented that my first one had poor video resolution, and so I bought a nicer webcam; I hope that resolves this particular issue. I also tried to stay more on target with my narration, and I had a proper ending this time.

I am aware that I need to work on keeping my hands within frame, so hopefully that will no longer be an issue in video #3.

This time I tried something a bit different:  the video was the first time I saw what was in the box. I did this in the hopes of capturing a sense of enthusiasm and/or surprise, but mostly to avoid the "bitchy resting voice" I felt the first video had.

Well, that worked to a certain extent, but with the trade-off that I spent a lot of time going "ummm" and trying to figure out which piece was what.  In retrospect, I feel like this video was less professional, and so unless I hear otherwise I will go back to spoiling my surprise for box #3.

And now, my video.

Pictures of the box's contents may be found here.

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