Friday, December 19, 2014

Apocabox #3 Unboxing

Not actually Erin.
& is used with permission.
Video #3!  Hopefully (hopefully!) I have fixed the problem with the jerky video that plagued unboxing #2 and made it unwatchable by some.

Audio should also be substantially better, due to a lovely Christmas present of a quality microphone and stand from a dear, dear friend.

This video is also much shorter than last time; this is due in part to the Piddly Stik being a fairly expensive item, and so what this Apocabox lacks in quantity it hopefully makes up for in quality. (I, for one, continue to be pleased with what I get every other month.)

I am amused that I already had 3 of the items in this month's box, but I'm not at all upset; I had planned to get seconds of them anyway, and seeing them here reassures me that at least some of my choices are sound.

For those interested, the Piddly Stik may be found here. Through conversations with them on their Facebook page, I've been told that they will soon be posting videos on how to set up, and how to fish with, the P. Stik. I am looking forward to those, as it looks like a quality bit of handmade kit and not a cheap piece of plastic crap like a pocket fisherman, and I want to understand how to use it.

EDIT: Brook West has found a demonstration video of how to use the Piddly Stik. Thanks, Brook!

Enjoy my video, and please, leave comments! I'm always looking for ways to improve!

Pictures of the box's contents may be found here.

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