Monday, March 9, 2015

Gun Blog Variety Podcast #29

It's Sunday night, so you know what that means: the next episode of The Gun Blog Variety Cast is out!

  • Adam and Sean talk dogs, guns, crimes, strange laws, and the stuff that grinds their gears.
  • Erin Palette, irritated about all the rain she's had, talks waterproofing.
  • Nicki Kenyon lets us know just how little she thinks of Dan Carlin's podcast, "Common Sense."
  • Miguel Gonzalez tells us about another person in Florida who has "gotten away with killing someone" (not really) using the Stand Your Ground law.
  • Barron B. reminds us that bad government decisions 20 years ago lead to bad computer security today.
  • and Weer'd discusses the gun haters' fetish for government forced training before people are allowed to exercise their civil rights.

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