Monday, April 13, 2015

Life Happens

And life here for us in casa Hively-Zinn  has become more interesting with the inclusion of a dog.

Her name is Maggie, six months and part Lab (the rest is a mystery outside Dachshund).

Now... I'm used to prepping with a cat in mind and cats, when allowed outside, tend to bring prey back to their owner. (I don't care if it's a mouse, if I'm hungry meat is meat.)

I have no idea what to expect with a dog.  I'm in completely new territory.

So here's my question(s) to all of our readers.  Please feel free to share your answer's in the Facebook group or here in a comment.

  1. What kind of medicine's do you have put back for them? (Think ring and heart worm, etc etc)
  2.  Do you know what kind of food you're going to be feeding in them in SHTF?
  3.  Do you think they need purified water like you do?
  4.  Is there anything you've trained them to do that is a skill that improves your odds?
  5. What other things as a prepper does one need to consider when a dog is involved?
Looking forward to your answer folks!

Oh... and this is Maggie:

Little cutie ain't she? 

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