Monday, February 15, 2016

Gun Blog Variety Podcast #78

Another fine episode of The GunBlog VarietyCast!
  • Erin Palette gives you some good ideas on alternative methods of carrying your everyday preps.
  • Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, says that ISIS isn't a "Mortal Enemy" of the US. Nicki Kenyon tells us what she thinks.
  • Our Special Guest this week is Gabe Suarez of Suarez International. Gabe tells us why we should use Mini Red Dot Sights (MRDS) on pistols.
  • Barron B reminds all you software developers, and anyone who builds complex systems, that "Configuration Matters." 
  • And Weer'd finally completes his 5 week breakdown of Obama's disastrous CNN Town Hall, ending with a pro-gun question from Taya Kyle, American Sniper, Chris Kyle's widow.
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