Monday, August 29, 2016

The Blue Collar Prepping Teespring Store

Hey Erin, why didn't BCP have an article up on time on Monday?

I was busy all afternoon, evening, and a good chunk of the morning uploading designs to our Teespring storefront and getting merchandise ready for sale.

The picture on the right is the color version of our logo and it adorns all of our items. It took me a while to get the face a nice race-neutral complexion to go with the gender-neutral picture, and it took even longer to figure out how to add camouflage to line art. But I think it came out well.

All of our prices are quite fair (lower than what Teespring recommends, in fact) and I think they all came out looking quite nice. For example, here is a hoodie in forest green, for $35.00.
Please visit our store and buy BCP-branded merch. None of us earn a living from blogging, and so all sales will go into a fund that will maintain the operation of this site and, hopefully, allow the authors to attend various prepping-related events.

Thank you!

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