Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Prudent Prepping: More First Aid

The dust has settled and the First 72 Hours have passed. Follow along as I build a long term plan via Prudent Prepping.

First aid is a part of my plan that has been lagging behind food and shelter, mainly due to financial reasons. That particular limitation has eased somewhat in recent months, so a few items are going to be added, piecemeal to my EDC kit, GHB and my more permanent home/camping kit.

Several of our authors have written about first aid (like Lokidude's post yesterday!), or describing their kits here and here,  As I am just starting to build a selection of supplies, I've read and followed the advice of many different people, like Jonathan Sullivan.

Jonathan is someone I've been following for several years, even before he joined our Facebook page. He made this post not long ago, detailing his reasons for building a compact trauma kit and the items he purchased. I don't have anything to add to kit he built, but I am duplicating the belt kit and adding some of his recommended pieces to a First Aid kit I already mentioned here.

Items I'm Ordering

I don't need to order Nitrile gloves or look for duct tape; these are things I've had in my bags almost forever. 

Just like the disclaimers in Jonathan's post, I too am not qualified to speak from a position of authority on any medical topic. When I receive these items I'll put up a post showing how they all fit into my existing bag, since it's obvious they will fit into the pouch Jonathan is using.

The Takeaway
  • Here is another case of suggested improvements coming from friends with experience that I lack.  
  • This is Blue Collar Prepping, where most people have to budget. There is nothing wrong with slowly building towards your goal. 

The Recap

Just a reminder: if you plan on buying anything through Amazon, please consider using our referral link. When you do, a portion of the sale comes back here to help keep this site running! 

If you have comments, suggestions or corrections, please post them so we all can learn. And remember, Some Is Always Better Than None!

NOTE: All items tested were purchased by me. No products have been loaned in exchange for a favorable review. Any items sent to me for T&E will be listed as such. Suck it Feds.

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