Monday, October 3, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

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Unlike Hermine, it looks like Hurricane Matthew has a non-zero chance of hitting me, or at least sweeping the coast where I am.

Let me state for the record that I am not worried... yet. If this prediction holds true (unlikely), my part of Florida will only suffer tropical storm-level winds (less than 75 mph) and rainfall. As I am fond of pointing out, this isn't a big deal for Floridians.

However, we all know that predictions don't hold true. Combine this with the fact that Matthew keeps drifting west, and you get a situation which is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Indeed, I believe this is why the phrase "Keep a weather eye" was coined.

There's every chance that Matthew will expend its energy over Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti and then fizzle out, or veer off into the Atlantic. Of course, there's also every chance that it could pick up speed again and head straight for Daytona Beach

Florida preppers, now is an excellent time to check your preps and make sure you are stocked up on supplies before there is a run on stores and gas stations. Do it now and beat the rush!

In addition, be sure to review my series of articles about hurricane preparedness and survival.

Let's all stay safe and dry out there!

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