Friday, June 2, 2017

The Steady Strap: an (almost) $5 Solution to Terrorism

Holy Cow! It's time for another Forgetful Frugal Friday!

This week I've gone old-school with some out-of-the-box thinking in regards to long distance shooting with your handgun.

Terrorism here at home is a legitimate concern, and being able to respond, whether it is to run or fight, is a valuable asset for everyone. However, folding stock AR pistols, EVO Scorpions, and Sig MPX's are not available to everyone. And even if they are, they really a marketing solution in search of a problem sometimes.

So how does a concealed carrier defend against terrorists and other bad guys at great distance with a handgun?

I present to you the Steady Strap from Cylinder and Slide! For just $5.95, this handy little thing helps you create a much stabler shooting platform with your concealed carry pistol by incorporating the SAS Sling Method into your handgun.

Check out the video, and in a couple of weeks I will demonstrate using it, it so be sure to check out my Youttube channel.

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