Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas (and stuff)

Tips for getting good instruction from a good instructor:

1) Does the instructor have real world experience? If not, is he teaching a paradigm that is based in reality (and not theory) from someone who does have real world experience? Is their training applicable to you and your situation? Does the course description seem like it's magic? If it claims to transform you into Arnold Schwarzenegger after a couple of long days?

2) Does the intructor have a good reputation? Do they have references?

3) When interviewing your instructor, do they answer questions completely and in a way you comprehend? Or do they just blurt out a bunch of B.S. and say things like"When I was in the teams" or "Because I said so" or "That's just the way the world works"?

4) How much does it cost? Good classes are generally priced in the middle of the road. While it is true you get what you pay for, sometimes you end up paying for what you don't need, and a good instructor with a good program recognizes this and charges accordingly. However, a lot of classes are taught by experienced folks with massive egos that charge massive prices.

The opposite is true as well. If the course is significantly cheaper than others and isn't terrible, that means it's bare bones. You will pay again for what you don't get later, sometimes in blood or freedom.

Editor's Note:  It's a foraging knife!  

This full tang, wooden handled knife is designed specifically for foraging applications that include but are not limited to digging, prying, chopping, and cutting vines or rope.  It’s made from stainless steel and, unlike your survival knife, is designed to dig up roots and tubers in the muck and grime.  It has countless uses at camp as a trowel for digging fire pits, latrines, hot coal beds, earthen ovens, etc.  7″ blade, 12″ overall.

I think of it as a "survival trowel". If you do any kind of camping or gardening, I'm certain you'll find a use for it. 

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