Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Short Circuiting a Seizure

Over two years ago, I was getting geared up for a month of camping with OkieRhio out in Oklahoma. During one of our trips out to Knight's Rest, we were talking about family and our experiences with epilepsy, and I opened up to her about a member of my family that had been dealing with it since before I was born.

I told her about how, when I was eight, I watched my mom collapse from a seizure in church. I charged down the stairs to the kitchen, soaked a washcloth in cold water, and charged back up to where they were to drop it on their face.

A seizure is your brain trying to fry itself. It's a highly unpleasant thing to experience; I've had two that I can remember, and they were mild ones. A cold rag over the face of someone with a seizure short circuits the brain and blood vessels in their head.

It needs to be wet, it needs to be as cold as possible, and after you drop one on their forehead and over their eyes, go get a second one ready because by the time you get back with the second one, the first one will hot in comparison... but the person should have at least stopped seizing up, if not back to being coherent.

Rhi gave me a stare.

"Doesn't everyone know that?" I asked her, confused and a bit afraid.

"No dear."

Now more people know.

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