Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Super Bowl and Preppers

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If you are watching the Super Bowl tonight, odds are excellent that you're watching it with friends or family. If so, take a moment to appreciate these people, for they are your tribe.

We've talked about the importance of Tribe, of having a close-knit group of people upon whom you can depend when things get messy. But your tribe should be more than a circle of preppers; they should be your family of choice, if not by blood, and that means you ought to spend time bonding with them by having fun.

Prepping is more about being ready for emergencies; it also means having supplies laid in so that when your friends come over, you will have what you need and not need to make a late run to the store for food, beverages, or charcoal.

So as you enjoy this most American of holidays, realize that you are also affirming what it is to be a prepper by surrounding yourselves with your chosen kin and digging into your supplies while enjoying yourselves.

Just don't forget to restock your pantry tomorrow.

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