Thursday, November 5, 2020


We do not cover political topics here for a good reason: they're divisive. Politics, religion, and sports are all good ways to cause friction in any group, and that's not what we're here to do. All of these topics are tribal (groups that identify with others based on a shared history or interest) in nature, and tribal issues tend to become polarizing, with anyone not of the tribe seen as the “other” and often treated as an outsider at best and an enemy at worst. Human history is full of examples of tribal issues, and they can create very bad results.

Politics is a major issue currently. With a very polarized election between the two major parties that is still unresolved as of this writing, I've seen a lot of division created between friends and families based upon which politician gets to sit in a nice chair in Washington DC. Local politics isn't much better; down to the county Sheriff election, people are getting nasty with each other over the support of one candidate over the other. The lure of power over others is a primary driver of most politics, and it can be a very powerful attraction, even vicariously by the election of a surrogate.

Religion can be a touchy subject depending on the depth of difference between the people involved. The “One True Church” types are intolerant and often dismissive of anyone not of their denomination; many atheists consider any religious beliefs nothing more than superstitions and will belittle people of faith. Add in the various religions' views on sexuality and there are even more opportunities for conflict. Wars have been, and will be, fought over differences in religion.

Sports and other fairly minor tribal differences have led to riots, murders, and quite often assault. It doesn't matter if you're looking at the Ford/Chevy, 9mm/45ACP, or any of hundreds of other tribal identifiers; once passions get inflamed, violence is a predictable outcome. Let's face it, people can be assholes for any reason, or for no reason whatsoever.

The Benefits of Division
Division is not always a bad thing. For example, separating yourself from those who mean you ill is self-preservation. The loss of contact with family and friends, should they decide that our views are too different from their own, is yet another thing for which we should prepare.
  • Minimize reliance on others so that you can cut ties if needed. 
  • Keep looking for others that share your views, to build or join a new tribe.
  • Be wary of anyone that seeks to reestablish broken bonds. Some folks enjoy the fighting and won't like it if their favorite punching bag goes missing.
  • Forgive transgressors if you're able, but never forget what they did. People don't change that much over time, and given a chance they'll repeat old actions.
  • Some bridges need to be burned, but others require high explosives. Watch out for flying debris if you choose the second option.

Here at BCP, we don't care what your tribe is. We are here to spread information and ideas so everyone has a better chance of getting through bad times.

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