Sunday, April 24, 2022

This Is a Post

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Dear readers, how are you these days?

I must confess that for about the past month I have struggled to stay on target. I wouldn't call it depression, exactly (although I suppose it could be and I just haven't noticed -- I call it "the creeping darkness" for a reason); I've just found myself caught by a one-two combo of not sleeping well and an increasing amount of family drama. This has resulted in me not having as much energy as I used to have and needing to spend a good chunk of that energy on my family, which means that when I finally have the opportunity to write I'm either upset or exhausted. While I am able to push through these feelings when necessary, it is increasingly difficult. Just writing these words has taken more time and more effort than I feel it should. 

There's probably a lesson relevant to prepping there, but I can't find it. Check in with your friends? Practice self care? Change your socks and hydrate? I don't know. Please tell me if you can find it, because right now it's all opaque to me. 

I have recently acquired some Work Sharp tools and it's been my intent for a while now to give you my thoughts on these products, but I just don't have the wherewithal to do that tonight. I apologize for that. 

I do seem to have worked out the kinks with my rucksack and now it's just a matter of making small adjustments until I have it dialed in just the way I want it. When that's done I'm probably going to give some more attention to my Get Home Bag; it feels like it sticks out more than it should. 

It's strange that even though writing seems difficult, I'm able to find the time to tinker with my packs. It probably uses a different part of my brain. 

I was going to write more, but my little dog Daisy came into my room and wanted attention. She's developed a nasty cough lately that the vet can't seem to fix, and it's getting worse. We don't know exactly how old she is (she's a rescue) but we're sure she's at least 10 years old. Given her age and how the cough is getting worse, mom and I are worried that she won't be with us much longer. (This is just part of the family drama I was talking about.)

So in conclusion, as I attempt to make this rambling post vaguely about prepping:
  • Check on your friends to see if they're all right. Maybe you'll be able to see what's troubling them and give them advice. 
  • If you can't be productive one way, be productive another way. At least you'll get something done. 
  • Love your pets. They won't be with you forever, and you'll never regret the time you spent with them.
Sorry, I know this isn't a very good post. I tried my best. 


  1. Nothing wrong with this post. I hope you get to sleeping better, and your family drama resolves peacefully.

  2. I'm having similar problems getting anything written, you're not alone. Family drama, more work than hours in a day, and the changing seasons have me all messed up. Ideas float around the edges of my thoughts, but won't stick around long enough to get fleshed out into a coherent article.

    I have some product reviews in the works, those are simple.

  3. Thanks for sharing with us EP. Your contributions here and on the podcasts are highly valued. Take care of yourself.

    I also find "tinkering" to be my preferred activity when stress is high. Washing the sink....fiddling with the various tools in the house...sharpening things that have gotten dull....those kind of things seem to help me the most. I just be getting older...I remember my Grandpa doing those kinds of things on a Saturday.

    Anyhow, thank you for posting and hang in there.


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