Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Title Tuesday

Hey guys, our normal Tuesday blogger had a mishap and something about broken fingers so today is an impromptu posting from me, but with what's available at the moment for free from the Kindle libraries along with a few titles at the end of this post of books that may be of interest to you and they are on sale.  Please note!!! All titles that are free, may be back at normal prices by even at the end of today.

  1. Homesteading animals: Raising chunky chickens for eggs and meat
  2. Sailors knots (Entire Collection)
  3. Woodcraft and Camping
  4. Home Canning Step by Step Guide
  5. Preserving Food at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide to Canning and Freezing
  6. Modern Homesteading - 5 book bundle
  7. Food Drying: How to Dry vegetables
  8. Canning Pickles
  9. Cookbook- 2 book bundle of Paleo recipes (Paleo is awesome in that if you have allergies like I do, or gluten intolerance, Paleo is the way to go. You almost never have to worry about accidentally ingesting any of your allergens!) 
  10. Practical Wilderness Skills and Thoughts on Survival
  11. Simple Sabotage Field Manual (I never know what I am going to come across in the vast space of the Kindle Libraries) 
  12. First-Aid book

Time for some fiction stories. Be sure to double check reviews before committing time to downloading and reading.
And that's it for now, guys.  We should have LokiDude back to his normal postings soon.

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