Monday, July 7, 2014

Book review: Country Wisdom and Know-How

My cohort, David, told you about this book's companion, Survival Wisdom and Know-How.  This week I'm telling you about Country Wisdom & Know-How.  There are about, if I recall correctly, four other books in the Know-How series from the editors of Storey Books.  Yes, you just read that right, it's a series.

While nowhere near as well-known as the Foxfire books (or with as many volumes), these books are an excellent edition to anyone's library (and unless you live in an urban area like like I do in Los Angeles, you should honestly be bugging in instead of bugging out, so size and weight of books won't be an issue). Animals, cooking, gardening and more are covered by this book, along with diagrams breaking down everything from building bird feeders to herbal medicine recipes for your pets to beekeeping to skinning animals and how to cook them.

There's a section on quilting with a breakdown of four older quilt patterns.  There is a breakdown on how to properly trellis for blackberries and grapes. Growing herbs and turning them into spices for food, teas for medicinal relief for pets, livestock and humans. Even how to make curtains and hang them!

I haven't fully delved into this book yet, but that's because I'm a nut and tend read such books from cover to cover regardless of how much of an encyclopedic layout they may have. I am especially looking forward to the section on how to build your own smoker house, as I hope to one day be able to smoke a large amount of meats and vegetables on my own homestead.

Be sure to check out this book and give it consideration, along with the rest of the series.

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