Friday, July 25, 2014

Guest Post: How to Make a Paracord Sling

by Firehand

Erin linked to this 'How to braid a paracord belt' post not long ago, and after looking it over I thought two things:

1)  If you needed cord, this braid will pull apart fast & easy
2)  This would make a good sling.

So I made one, and it works nicely (I used five loops instead of four). I did wonder about another method of attaching the end buckle - or in this case, a sling loop - at the end, so fiddled with it and came up with this:

Get it to the length you want.

Pull the through loop line all the way through

Loop it up through the sling loop...

...and then through the first loop on the braid. It'll look like the finger loops

Repeat all the way down.

Take the end through the loops...

... and tighten it all up.

I'm doing some messing around with this last step. Melting the end to attach it to the end loop would lock it, but I'm thinking that tying a half-hitch tight against the end of the braid, then melting the end, would be a better way to go; that way you could cut that end a bit more easily to get it loose if you need to unravel the sling.

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