Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Shout-Out: MZW's Bail-Out Bag

Not actually Erin.
Picture by KJ Photography
& is used with permission. 
After conferring with all of the BCP writers, we have decided to unanimously endorse Michael Z. Williamson's Bail-Out Bag as containing high quality items and possessing the best value that we've seen for the price

Now, let me make some things absolutely clear:

None of us received financial compensation for this, either prior to the review or after. In fact, Lokidude paid for his.

We have in no way, shape, or form entered into an advertising agreement with MZW. He didn't even know we were going to do this.

We are endorsing the product because we believe it is a good starting point for prepping and a good value. While it is indeed true that a more comprehensive (and possibly cheaper) BOB can be constructed piece by piece, this approach requires time, patience, and research. There is something to be said for a "buy it, have it, don't worry about it" kit: perhaps you can buy it for a family member who doesn't share your passion for prepping, or possibly stash it in your car as a backup.

Links to Lokidude's Review:

We paid for this item. Also, this entire article is a disclaimer. Suck it, FTC.

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