Friday, January 2, 2015

Guess what fits inside a Power Pot?

Not actually Erin.
Picture by KJ Photography
& is used with permission. 
This Christmas I received a Power Pot as a present and while fooling around with it, I discovered it could do something pretty neat.

I decided it would be easier to show you than to tell you, so I made a quick video about it.

(I apologize for the hissing in the audio. I don't know what caused it and haven't figured out a way to remove it.)

I'm looking forward to testing this out. I also received at 4400mAh battery to go with it, and so not only do I have three ways to generate electricity in the wild (by thermocouple, by solar, and by hand crank), I also have a way to store it for later use.

Next week:  I return to cataloging what's in my Bug-Out Bag.

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