Friday, January 9, 2015

My Bug-Out Bag: Part 3 of Many

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Part 1
Part 2

Sorry for the delay between parts, dear readers, but the holidays happened. Now, on to Part 3, where I show you what I have in the side and back pockets.

Both side pockets are for items I am likely to need quickly and do not want to root around for.  The left side pocket is for heat, light, quick shelter, and knife maintenance.

  • Razor knife by Derma-safe
  • Pack of tissues (can be used for blowing my nose, wiping my bottom, as a hasty wound dressing or as kindling)
  • Mini LED Maglite with strobe and candle function
  • 44-hour candle with matches
  • SOL 2-person survival blanket (I have raingear in my pack, so this is more for warmth than for dryness)

  • Firestarting tin with 2 rolls of duct tape, 1 box of waterproof matches, 1 hexamine tablet, 1 packet of tinder-quik, and 2 sheets of folded aluminum foil
  • Disposable lighter
  • 25 feet of FireCord
  • Ferro Rod with striker
  • Chapstick (protects lips AND serves as fuel)
  • Lansky knife sharpener
  • Speedy Sharp
  • EZE-Lap diamond file
  • Rust Eraser
  • Pen of WD-40 (lubricant, metal cleaner, and combustible)

The right side pocket is mostly for hygiene and quick access to important tools, with some stuff from the left side that wouldn't fit.

  • Two bottles of 5-Hour Energy drink
  • Two folded aluminum foil bread pans
  • Hobo tool
  • Sillcock Key
  • Biodegradable wet wipes (even if they dry out, they're still good as toilet paper)
  • Dental floss
  • Bottle of camp soap (can be used to wash my body as well as dishes)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wash cloth
  • Scrubby dish cloth

Finally, the small back pocket contains snacks, important personal documents, and some items that won't fit anywhere else due to their size and shape (and which I don't want in the main compartment).

  • Vacuum-sealed beef jerky from House of Jerky
  • Chocolate "Prep Shake" (basically a liquid meal -- just add water)
  • Nite-Ize Knotbone -- 550 cord connectors/tie-downs
  • Repair kits for tents, air mattresses, etc

  • Parabolic mirror for starting fire
  • Pouch with punk wood and jute twine
  • Survival snare kit (1 big, 1 small)
  • Two Speedhooks
  • Not shown for purposes of operational security: ziploc bag full of important documents, like a copy of my birth certificate

Next week: What's on top?

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