Monday, February 16, 2015

Gun Blog Variety Podcast #26

Not actually Erin.
& is used with permission.
Has it been six months of podcasting already?
  • Adam and Sean continue to execute their host duties flawlessly.
  • Erin Palette tells us how Doomsday Preppers is designed to make everyone look bad.
  • Nicki Kenyon discusses the 2015 National Security Strategy.
  • Miguel Gonzalez wants us to get our heads right by reading some good self defense books.
  • Barron B. talks about how two factor authentication needs to come to banks.
  • and Weer'd scores an interview with Joe Huffman about the Seattle Smart Gun Symposium and how so-called "Smart Guns" aren't really all that bright an idea.
Listen to the podcast here.
Show notes may be found here.

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