Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gun Blog Variety Podcast #43

A great show for you this week:
  • Adam and Sean execute their hosting duties flawlessly (or at least after careful editing).
  • Erin Palette talks to us about Colonel Cooper's Color Codes (Say that 5 times fast!).
  • Nicki Kenyon is on assignment and will return next week.
  • Our Special Guest this week is LawDog!!! He tells us this absolutely hysterical story about a dog named Buster and his run in with a chicken. You HAVE to listen to this one!
  • Barron B. is pretty angry about the data breach at the US Government's Office of Personnel Management.
  • And Weer'd talks about an anti-gunner who calls himself Baldr Odinson, and his attempt at taking a victory lap after the passage of a recent Oregon law banning private firearm transfers.
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Show notes may be found here.

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