Tuesday, June 23, 2015

InstaFire Product Review

Recently, a product advertised on both Facebook and Amazon caught my eye. It made claims to being a miracle fire starter at a very attractive price. I decided to purchase a packet and see if it was all it's cracked up to be.

Called InstaFire, it touts itself as a stand-alone, easy lighting fire starter that burns hot enough to ignite even wet wood. Those are pretty bold claims, but if they hold up, it could literally be a lifesaver.

InstaFire comes in a water-tight mylar pouch, with simple, complete instructions printed on the back.
The instructions.

The contents of the pouch.

The actual product consists of a granular white material that somewhat resembles kitty litter, along with some larger, brown chunks. The white material is the part that ignites first, and the brown chunks do the major burning.

It really does light that readily and easily, with a single match.

This is the "wet wood" test. All of the sticks were completely dunked in water before being laid over the InstaFire. It lit with a single match again, and very quickly dried and ignited the sticks, spurring them into a ready fire.

Final Verdict
InstaFire lives up to its claims fully. It doesn't revolutionize the fire starting world, especially for skilled folks, but for those with lesser skills, or folks trying to start a fire in bad circumstances, it truly makes it almost point-and-click easy. I'll definitely be adding it to my car kits and camping gear.

($4.99 & free shipping on Amazon)


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