Monday, September 7, 2015

Gun Blog Variety Podcast #55

Another fun episode of The GunBlog VarietyCast
  • Adam and Sean start off with some hate mail, wonderfully read for us by Bill Frady of Lock and Load Radio. Thanks, Bill!
  • Erin Palette explains about activated charcoal and some guy named "Matter-Eater Lad." (Yeah, Sean didn't get it either.)
  • Nicki Kenyon discusses the migrant crisis. No, not our migrant crisis, the one in Europe. 
  • Our Special Guest this week is the Ambulance Driver, Kelly Grayson. Kelly tells the story of treating his first abdominal evisceration. The story is a whole lot funnier than any story of evisceration should ever be. 
  • Barron B is on assignment, but he left us a quick voice mail. You're going to want to listen to it, and perhaps raise a glass with him in celebration.
  • And Weer'd fisks the new "John Walsh of Gun Control."
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