Sunday, December 27, 2015

Gun Blog Variety Podcast #71

Adam and Sean got up very early after Christmas to make sure that you got your podcast on schedule, even though Adam is very tired after a long holiday.
  • Don't miss our extra special "Felons Behaving Badly" segment. This week is that "ACTIVE SHOOTER!!!" in the Charlotte mall on Christmas Eve. The Gun Grabbers had their anti-gun mass blood dancing shoes all laced up and were already sending out Facebook press releases before they realized the magnitude of the Narrative Failure they were about to experience. You've got to hear this one to believe it. 
  • Erin Palette teaches you how to recycle Christmas trees in Blue Collar Prepping.
  • Putin and Trump seem to have quite the bromance, and Nicki Kenyon tries to stop gagging long enough to tell you what she thinks of it in Foreign Policy for Grownups.
  • Returning guest Ambulance Driver Kelly Grayson tells us about a very special White Christmas he and his ambulance crew endured in rural Louisiana in this little segment we like to call This One Time.
  • Our Special Guest this week is the President of the Virginia Citizens Defense League Philip Van Cleave. Philip joins us by telephone to talk about some good strategies to defeat the Virginia Attorney General's attack on Concealed Handgun Reciprocity. And guess what? "Boycott the whole state of Virginia" isn't on the list.
  • And it looks like the Imagineers at Disney have hauled out their audio-animatronic Hillary again. This time they took her to Late Night with Seth Meyers to see if they could fool anyone into believing she was human. Weer'd plays along and subjects it to another Patented Weer'd Audio Fisk™ in This Week in Anti-Gun Nuttery!
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