Monday, December 14, 2015

Gun Blog Variety Podcast #69

This week it's Bill and Ted's favorite episode of The GunBlog VarietyCast: Episode 69, Dude!
  • Sean and Adam bring you another episode featuring all manner of interesting subjects, including Felons Behaving Badly, Emma Newman, and Michael Bane.
  • Erin Palette tells us about the calming effects of Combat Breathing.
  • I ask Nicki Kenyon if the recent terror attacks in San Bernardino will change our foreign policy.
  • We heard your call for more book reviews. Well, at least Weer'd did, and so he reviewed Castigo Cay by Matthew Bracken.
  • And then Weer'd returned to take on Obama and his entire staff as they positively frothed at the mouth in their excitement after the two shooting events last week.
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