Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Midweek Update

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Hi everyone!  I've been told that folks (who clearly don't follow my personal blog -- tsk tsk!) want to know what's going on with Blazing Sword, the effort to connect LGBTQ people seeking gun operation and safety training with gun owners who have volunteered to teach LGBTQ people gun safety and operation free of charge. So here's a quick chronological breakdown of what happened:

Monday, June 13
My original article is published. Later that night, I do an email interview with Miss CJ from Chicks on the Right.

Tuesday, June 14
The Chicks on the Right article is published and Larry Correia mentions us on his Facebook page. To quote Mortal Kombat, It Has Begun.

Wednesday, June 15

The Internet crashes upon me like a tidal wave made of bricks. Larry Correia mentions us on his blog, we get Instapundited (twice), and are the focus of a lovely article by Tom Knighton at PJ Media. Later that night we are Imgur'd.  I wake up with 200+ emails a day.

Friday, June 17
I go shooting with a BBC crew and then get interviewed. The interview doesn't air for a while, but if you want to read about how it went, go here and read my blog about it. After returning home, I discover that Operation Blazing Sword has been mentioned in the India Times. We're international!

Saturday, June 18
Dave Kopel of the Volokh Conspiracy writes a wonderful article about us in the Washington Post.

Sunday, June 19
I notice that Joe Huffman has posted a wonderful graphic for OBS. I say "notice" because he'd mentioned us at least once before, but in my defense I was so swamped that week I barely knew my name.

Monday, June 20
I am "interviewed" by "radio" host Cary Harrison on the Progressive Radio Network. I use quotes on the latter because it's basically a live podcast on a webpage with terrible audio quality. I use quotes in the former because... well, just listen to the interview, it's only 10 minutes.

--- Things start to slow down by this point --

Wednesday, June 22
We have our first success story as Sean Sorrentino takes an LGBTQ fellow shooting and they both have a good time. I also drop by my local newspaper and give an in-depth interview (this has yet to be published.)

Thursday, June 23

Friday, June 24
At the recommendation of fellow BCP blogger Chaplain Tim, I appear on News Radio 1110 KFAB (an ACTUAL radio station, thank you very much) during one of their morning talk shows. I'm scheduled for only 15 minutes, but told I might get the whole hour if I prove interesting.

I get the whole hour. (When the segment gets uploaded to their website I'll post it.)

Monday, June 27
My interview with the BBC airs. Out of nearly 2 hours of talking and shooting, they give me... 2 minutes 15 seconds. And the report itself is only 16 minutes. I guess I expected an hour long show.

Tuesday, June 28
Even though it was published on the 20th, I only just now find out that my third email interview, this time with Vocativ, has been published. This one is just about me and my work with Blazing Sword, and it's delightful. 

This brings us to today -- Wednesday, June 29.  Thanks to everyone who's spread the word!

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