Monday, June 13, 2016

Gun Blog Variety Podcast #95 – The Cheesecake Episode

It's the GunBlog VarietyCast cheesecake episode!
  • No, not that kind of cheesecake. Adam is eating his birthday cake, and Sean has a bad knee. 
  • Ever get so sick of something you'd rather go hungry than eat it? Erin Palette explains a phenomenon called "Appetite Fatigue," and shows us how to avoid it.
  • How does an award for "Civility in Politics" given to Joe Biden and John McCain relate to gun ownership? Tiffany Johnson explains it all in "The Bridge".
  • Beth Alcazar wrote a blog post about women crying on the shooting range, and you wouldn't believe the pushback she got! She and her friend, fellow shooting instructor Heather Borland, sit down at USCCA headquarters to talk about it.
  • Teamviewer got hacked and everyone should uninstall it immediately! ...or everyone is overreacting and needs to calm down. Which one is it? Barron tells us what he thinks is going on.
  • And finally, our old friend Joan Peterson convinced someone to stick a camera in her face again, but this time she managed not to make herself into the victim. Weer'd is here to tell us about the anti-gunners' latest project, the "Wear an Orange Shirt to Signal Your Virtue" campaign. Bonus appearances by Andrew Rothman of Minnesota's Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, and Paul Valone of Grass Roots North Carolina!
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