Friday, July 22, 2016

The Firehand First Aid Kit

Or at least the current version thereof.

I found this bag at a gun show:

It cost $20, $5 less than the others because it wasn't a proper tactical color. I didn't tell the lady I'd have paid the higher price for either white or International Orange, as this is something I want to be able to find fast.

It opens up to three small compartments in front, and one big in the back:

Pocket One has the "OhGodgetsomethingtostopthebleeding!" stuff:

A CAT tourniquet, two packs of Celox gauze, and a pressure bandage.

Pocket Two has more general stuff:

Gauze pads and roll, alcohol wipes, antibiotic, tape, elastic wrap, band-aids.

Pocket Three doesn't have much:

just burn gel and a couple more gauze pads.

Pocket Four has extras, and stuff that won't fit in the others:

a HyFin chest seal, ace bandages, a surgical stapler and staple remover, a big bandage, and nail clippers.

I'm trying to figure out what I need to add to this, or if I need more of what I have, and how to arrange it for best use (which is a whole other post). This is the stuff that was handy when I cut myself; the two things I really needed were the big gauze pads and tape. In my case, had we been further from medical assistance, those two would've still done the job; had the cut been worse, I'd probably have wound up using all the pads and more tape to control the bleeding. And, as noted previously, I have no sterile saline or anything of the sort for cleaning a wound, which is something I do need to add. Maybe a small bottle would fit in the big pocket?

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