Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bugging In While You're Out

The Blue Collar Prepping Facebook group is a wealth of conversation and thought exercises. Last week, a question was posted that really intrigued me. Bugging out and bugging in are topics that get discussed ad nauseum in prepping groups, but what happens when you need to bug in when you're away from home?

There are plenty of reasons why you might have to bug in while you're out and about. Severe storms and police/security lockdowns are the first two that come to mind for me, but others certainly exist. As with all supply kits, your situation will dictate the contents, but many items are universally useful.

The person who posed the question is a teacher, and that colors their bugging in needs. It needs to accommodate students in a classroom environment. Weapons are not allowed, due to state and federal laws. He'd like it to fit in a 5 gallon bucket, for reasons I'll go into shortly.

With that said, here is what I would build. Some of the items come from the group, some are mine. They come together to make staying someplace with a group far more comfortable.

First Aid kit: We've covered these, a lot. Get or build the most comprehensive one that the budget allows. Learn to use it as well.

550 cord strap: A 3-5' strap of woven 550 cord allows for easy carry of the entire kit, and can be broken down to provide a large quantity of strong cord, which has innumerable uses.

Flashlights: Several inexpensive flashlights will be a boon in the event of severe storms or other power losses. A couple small, inexepensive LED lanterns would also be a great addition.

Duct Tape: As useful as 550 cord, and just as inexpensive. It can repair items, seal openings, hang things, or make signals on windows. It's too handy to not have.

A toilet: Kind of. This is where the 5 gallon bucket comes in. If a classroom gets locked down, students could be stuck there for hours and the need to go may become pressing. With a bucket, seat, and bags, you have a toilet in a pinch. If you want something a bit fancier, there's this. Add a sheet that you can hang with your 550 cord and duct tape, and you've got a private privy in a small package.

A bug-in kit for the place you spend the second most time in your day is a great idea. I highly recommend taking a look.


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