Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Prudent Prepping: Low Cost First Aid

The dust has settled and the First 72 Hours have passed. Follow along as I build a long term plan via Prudent Prepping.

I'm always looking for a bargain or a low-cost way to add to my preps. Since I'm in a different Home Depot every day, I start where it's easiest: at work!

I have previously found inexpensive flashlights in the Christmas area and also in dump bins scattered around the store. The period after the holidays is prime bargain hunting for close-outs and discontinued items.

My latest find is a Special Buy: a first aid kit brought in for Christmas.

First Aid Essentials kit
Close out item sku #1001 788 644 - $9.99
I saw this and compared it to the standard Home Depot kit from 3M before buying  -- and I took this one home! I looked for assorted band aids, and to get 100 I would spend almost $8. The kit started at $12.99, but just dropped locally to $9.99! There is no way I could pass this up for the lower price.

Just be aware that your local Depot may not keep a large first aid kit on the shelf, and the kit I'm reviewing is a Special Buy, so call to have your local store check stock before going to get one. Alternately, you could combine the kit with another order and have it shipped to the store for free.

  • Looking closely at the contents, I can see over 100 assorted band aids, sterile wipes and the other typical items found in a first aid kit. 
  • What is not found on all kits are the mounting 'ears' which allow hanging the kit on a wall. 
  • The kit has actual hinges instead of a molded continuous hinge that (in my experience) breaks well before the contents are used up. 
  • There is no gasket or seal of any kind to the box, so storage in an area likely to bet wet or very humid for extended periods is not a good idea.

The Takeaway 
  • Shop for bargains everywhere you go, you might be surprised what you find 
  • I can never have enough 1st Aid supplies, especially the small stuff

The Recap

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If you have comments, suggestions or corrections, please post them so we all can learn. And remember, Some Is Always Better Than None!

NOTE: All items tested were purchased by me. No products have been loaned in exchange for a favorable review. Any items sent to me for T&E will be listed as such. Suck it Feds.

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