Friday, January 13, 2017

Book Review: The Little House Cookbook

Hey all, it's Evie and I'm recovering from a cold -- a nasty little strain that waylaid both myself and my fiancé. DR, being the lovely chap that he is, decided to surprise me with this book after it was clear that I had indeed caught the cold from him. I've had it on my wishlist a for a long time now, and I ended up reading it cover to cover in less than a day.

I grew up with the Little House on the Prairie book series, so having the cookbook in my hands was a huge treat because I was relieving parts of my childhood. If you're a fan of the series like I am, there are bits and pieces of information in this book that will leave you giggling and having "OH!" moments, and the two alternate pretty regularly. Many of the sketches from the original series appear in this book.
Memories aside, though, this is a great cookbook in of itself. There are recipes in here from the late 1800s that were made during sparse times, and these recipes can be tailored easily for preppers and our pantries.

However, some of the recipes you will most likely never try. Case in point: blackbird pie. None of the North American corvid family may be hunted freely and without season, so you'd likely need to hunt starlings instead, and it takes 12 of them to make this pie. Now while I might be stubborn enough to try that endeavor (remember the duck plucking incident?), most folks are not going to be that hungry, let alone that bored.

Other recipes include homemade sausage, baked spareribs, roasted pig and a recipe for oxtails soup. There are also tips and recipes for fruit drying, fruit jams and jellies, cakes, and even a recipe for ginger water.

So whether you decide to get this cookbook for the sake of a series you grew up reading, are a fan of cookbooks from an era when food had to go further, or just want a good base for starting to build your own recipes, I highly recommend The Little House Cookbook ($15.32 with Prime shipping) -- as well as the rest of the Little House on the Prairie series!

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