Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Prudent Prepping: November Buffet Post

The dust has settled and the First 72 Hours have passed. Follow along as I build a long term plan via Prudent Prepping.  

A round-up of topics I'm unable to make into stand-alone posts.

Unfinished Business
As a follow-up to last week's handle-making post, I've found a design I think I can make without the use of power tools. I'll only need simple hand tools like chisels, carving knives and sandpaper.

...that is, once I find someone with a band saw or table saw to split the block. I'm still looking.

I don't need to wait until November to count my blessings. 
  • I have a job; many people don't, and would take my place for less money. 
  • I have family close by and get along with most of them.
  • I have friends that look out for me and call to check up if I haven't called them recently. 
  • I have more than enough food and also shelter from the weather. 
  • I have money to spare after my bills are paid.
I regularly donate to my local Food Bank. It covers Contra Costa and Solano Counties, and Solano County was only touched a little by the recent fires in the San Francisco area, so aid will be sent if needed. Nevertheless, this time of year is really stressful for people, and a lack of food can add even more stress to the mix. I gave a turkey along with some of the hot chocolate mix that was nearing the 'Best By' date from the Buckets of Holding. Between now and Christmas, I will be donating at least one more turkey directly to the Food Bank and adding canned goods to the Food Drive barrels at the local supermarkets.

Car Prepping For Winter
This week I replaced the wipers I installed back in July due to one edge starting to separate. The local car parts chain had a radio ad for wiper blades, so I purchased a set. The coolant checked out as almost new when I did my last oil change, and my tires have 75% of original tread. I am going to buy a set of cable snow chains, because I do plan to travel to the mountains in the next few months. Frankly, keeping fresh blades installed and adding a bit of low temperature windshield washer fluid to the tank is about all the winterizing I have to do where I live.

Don't hate me; I pay more for everything just for the privilege of not freezing to death most winter evenings. If you have real winter weather, you already know what is required and I'm not knowledgeable in everything you all have to do.

The Takeaway
  • I'm thankful every day for what I have. Sharing the extra is not hard, but it takes some thought to make it count.
  • Taking care of your car should be on your schedule, just like scheduling a check on your other gear or rotating your food.

The Recap
*Wiper blades from the local store were considerably higher, even on sale.

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