Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday Prepping Deals

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You folks didn't think I'd miss my annual post telling you about all the great prepping deals out there, did you?

The best deal I've seen so far is a refurbished 7" Kindle Fire 7 with 16GB memory for $20 plus shipping at Now some of you are probably saying "Why would I want a used Kindle?" and I'm happy to answer that for you.
  1. "Refurbished" does not always mean "used" or "repaired". If someone buys an electronic device, opens it, and then returns it, it cannot be sold as new. 
  2. This model comes with 16GB memory; a new Fire 7 with just 8GB costs $30. If you want a new Fire 7 with 16GB, that will cost you $50...
  3. ... at which point you're just better off getting a new Fire 8 instead. Same price, same memory, but a larger screen and a newer model. 

My love for Power Practical is well known and they didn't disappoint me this year. They have a great item called a Luminoodle, which is a 5', 10', or 20' long string of LEDs which is powered via USB. I have several of them, and they're great for lighting up campsites or inside tents.

From today through Cyber Monday, if you buy any 5' or 10' Luminoodle, you get a second absolutely free, and if you buy a 20' you get a free battery pack! You also get 20% off all other products, so please check them out.

Another perennial favorite of mine is the Solo Stove and their Lite (1-2 people), Titan (2-4) and Campfire (4+) stoves are also BOGO through Monday. I've reviewed the Solo Stove and I enthusiastically recommend it to all preppers, campers, and backpackers.

Finally, Klymit is giving away a free Extra Large inflatable pillow with purchases of $135 or more along with a 20% sitewide reduction. I use Klymit products when camping and in my bug out bags; they're made of quality materials and I recommend them to all.

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